GLOBE Himalayan Pink Salt Mini USB Lamps – Multi-Colour

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GLOBE Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps produce negative ions, which provides a number of health benefits while giving you a calming ambience.

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GLOBE Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps in begin their life in the salt mines of Khewra; in the foothills of the Mountains. 

Laptops, computers, printers, and other electronic devices in the office create a lot of positive icons in the air. The heat and the light from our Globe Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps produce negative ions which clear the air of dust and pollen allergies, asthma.

Our lamps are also air purifying and freshening. The lamps eliminate smoke, cooking and pet odours, and helps alleviate mild depression.

Our Globe Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are highly suitable for daily use in the whole house. They are particularly useful in bedrooms, meditation rooms, near televisions, computers and around smoking areas.

The beautiful, serene Globe Himalayan Pink Salt Mini USB lamps in offices has been proven to reduce fatigue.
They minimise the effect of all screen radiations and add a relaxing tone in your work area and surroundings. This helps to improve concentration and refreshes you by neutralising the effects of the artificial environment.

The lamps can be used in waiting rooms to create a relaxing atmosphere. They are also useful during massage therapy, or anywhere you want to restore or maintain the natural air quality.

This electronic smog is extremely harmful for health and prolonged exposure will result in increased health problems and depression.
Mogul Pink Salt offer Globe Himalayan Pink Salt Mini USB Lamps, which when connected to your laptop produce negative ions to neutralise the electronic smog. Along with providing you with the benefit of calming ambience.

Weight – 0.5-1kg
Height – 4″ approx
Base – Wooden


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We are passionate about our salt. We understand that salt is both a necessity and a luxury for a healthy life. So instead of just providing you with salt, we went one step further to the foothills of the Himalayan salt range in Pakistan where we sourced the very best Pink Himalayan Salt.